Eliminating The Automobile Woes Of Riders

Eliminating The Automobile Woes Of Riders

Besides being a leisure sport, for quite a lot of people, biking is a passion that keeps their spirits high even when they are not riding. And making sure that whenever they ride, their ride is smooth and free of any hiccups, riders do need services that can help them run it all along.
And to meet that challenges, Motofix came into picture. This brainchild of Bharath Bopparaju aims at offering the ultimate bike servicing experience to the customers and believes in solving automobile woes of riders.
Entrepreneur India had a candid conversation with Bharath Bopparaju, founder of Motofix to understand the prime objective of his startup.               

Please tell me about your work experience and how your educational background supported it.

After completing B.E degree in Computer Science from Nagpur University, I joined our 30-year old family business operating in the Auto Retail and Supply Chain Management sectors. Initially, I joined as a Management Trainee and underwent practical on job trainings from veterans for business management and administration, financial management, operations and team management etc, Later, I successfully managed a 250 Crores turnover business, spread across multiple locations with over 500 employees. This work experience helped me in shaping my acumen over the last 6 years, and has driven me to startup my own venture.

How did you realize entrepreneurship was your vision?

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur since childhood. Maybe, it bore a connection with the fact that I belonged to family of successful businessmen who have played as a great role models to me. Apart from this, my other greatest inspiration has been Steve Jobs who said that everything around is created by human beings and that we can ourselves create our own things which make a difference to the society. I know that it seems to be a bit clichéd to mention Steve Jobs, but it's very true in my case.

Please share the story behind the conceptualization of your startup brand.

Due to a rich experience in the automobile sector, I was well-acquainted with the hassles faced by customers while maintaining their vehicle, as it requires periodic services. As a vehicle owner myself, I have also witnessed the experiences of being over-charged, poor quality service and lack of convenient options. We wanted to change this current exhausting process of auto service and make it a hassle free process for end consumers. After few validations and collecting feedback about the idea, we finalised that our concept will be to deliver reliable and high quality services to customers along with convenient options at affordable prices.

 How did the name of your startup come up? Please tell us the story behind it.

It took us a long time to decide the name for our startup. We spent weeks selecting various options, ranging from Hindi to English, considering the target audience, checking availability of the domain name and then collecting feedback from our family and friends before we eventually finalized Motofix. Apart from wanting the name to be catchy, we wanted a name which would be a combination of prefix and suffix, each of them being random words and meaning Auto Servicing and Maintenance. We finally zeroed onto Motofix as it fulfilled all our requirements.

Please highlight your major business model. Who are the key players in your team who contribute to your success?

Our major business model is to create and sustain a platform, which organises and facilitates the current exchanges between a vehicle owner and a technician/workshop. Besides, we also focus on and improving the business earnings and profitability of the technician and the overall service experience of the customer. We are a small and strong team of 5 at present, working on all aspects and everyone is playing a very key role and is contributing to the overall success of the enterprise.
Source By: Entrepreneur India

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