Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai: What Different Friends Mean In Our Life

We all love our friends and each one of them is different and therefore so special. With #InternationalFriendshipDay just around the corner, let’s see if we can capture the different types of friends you probably have in your gang.
1. The photographer friend
The friend who is always busy clicking photographs. They are probably responsible for capturing all the good and bad memories in the group.

2. On the way friend
No matter what, you will always have that one friend who made you wait for more than an hour. Reason? Because they are always on the way!

3. The bakra specialist friend
Girl or boy, you will always have that slightly strange friend in your gang, who specialises in all the skills that help them get a hold of the rich girlfriend or boyfriend. Or at least they believe they have the skills and make for some interesting watching for you.

4. The showoff friend
They are a really a good person but their attitude with money (which they have so much of) really sucks! They are always on a spree to flaunt off their money, power and lot more things. Mostly it’s OK but at times it gets a bit much.

5. Same choice friend
You will have one friend whose wardrobe probably looks like yours! Your choices are similar and most of the time you end up wearing the same colours or co-ordinated clothes and end up looking like twins.

6. Party friend
Doesn’t matter what the occasion, and even if they fail in their exams, all they want to do is party! You’ve wondered about this persons mental stability many times.

7. The chain smoker
Everyone tries the whole smoking thing. Some take to it, some don’t and some become chain smokers. You will have one person who will keep saying, “chal sutta maarke aate hain!”

8. Same wavelength friend
Remember the moment, when you and your friend said the same thing at the same time. You know how often it happens?

9. Selfie friend
Bathroom, washroom or the college canteen, there is always one friend who wants to take a selfie. Sometimes they end up clicking some good ones with you in it.

10. Crying friend
The friend who can cry at anything! Crying is actually not a problem, but you are really confused on how to comfort them.

11. Laughing friend
You know sometimes you want to laugh just because your friend’s laugh. They are good friends to hang around with.

12. The loudspeaker friend
Even if you try to control their voice, whenever they speaks, everyone can hear it. No telling this person any secret. Many people call them a loudspeaker because they speas so loudly!

Author : Rima Chowdhury

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