Kabali Has All The Glitz But Maadari Has A Space Of It’s Own

With the fanfare that accompanied the release of Kabali, the fact that Madaari released on the same day was kind of missed by the masses.
Has Kabali stolen the limelight from Madaari?
Madaari and Kabali both released on the same date, 22nd July but still it seems like Kabali has managed to be the recent buzz at the box office due to mega superstar, Rajinikanth. On one side, you have the superstar and on the other side you have Irrfan Khan, so it is almost a good week for all movie lovers.

What’s Madaari about?
Irrfan is known for his thought-provoking movies and even this time he was able to get his hands on such a script that throws light on India’s chronological evil and corruption. Irrfan just steals the show with his acting. The trailer shows the complete story where Irrfan is an average middle-class man who has a happy family and keeps working hard to meet all the needs of the family. Suddenly, due to an incident, Irrfan loses his son, but does not sit like a helpless man. He approaches all the top class ministers, but everyone turns a deaf ear. Did Irrfan Khan find his son? That forms the rest of the story.

What you should watch this weekend?
So, if you are looking for a sheer entertaining flick, you should opt for Kabali and if you are here to experience some nail-biting experience, opt for Irrfan Khan’s Madaari, and it will live up to your expectations.  Madaari is a gloomy story that starts off slowly, but picks up pace after the interval.
On the other hand, Director Pa Ranjith appears to be affected by the pressure of handling superstar Rajinikanth and fails to find the right balance between his filming style and Rajinikanth’s larger-than-life screen persona.

What are the reviews saying?
Now, after mixed reviews from audiences and critics, it seems like Maadari is slowly making its own place in the cinema. The first day opening of the film ‘Kabali’ is 15%, whereas opening for ‘Madaari’ is 7% to 8%. Kabali is a phenomenon in the south due to massive target audience, whereas on the other hand, Madaari is making its place due to its concept and Irrfan Khan’s acting. The Kabali film has surprisingly also opened well in the Hindi speaking belts of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata. But the audience for Madaari is quite limited as it is earlier perceived as a serious movie but is hardly preferred by the audience.
With too many actions and power packed performance, Kabali seems to be stealing the show as it is pure entertainment. Whereas the audience for Madaari would be quite average and will be preferred by people who are looking for an unusual experience with the plot.

Author: Rima Chowdhury

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