#KeepItPersonal: Never Ever Leak These Secrets!

There are some things in life that are meant to be personal. Yes, with social media, our personal life is public and we like it that way. Right from the morning cup of coffee to the colour of your PJs, all is on the world wide net for everyone to like, share and comment. However, when we say #KeepItPersonal there are still those things that no matter how social you are, shouldn’t go out in public. If you are doing otherwise, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.
1. Passwords
Your password for your social media accounts, e – mail, computer, phone, etc., no matter who asks for it, you should never disclose. Be it your best friend or your spouse, sharing passwords is never a good idea.
2. Bank Account Information
This is a complete N-O. Giving out your bank account details and your PIN to anyone from a relative to an online shopping store is the riskiest thing to do. It is very easy to transfer cash from your bank account to someone else’s in a matter of a few minutes. So, beware and keep these details only to yourself!
3. Another person’s secret
If someone trusts you enough with a secret of theirs, it is but obvious that you have no right to spill it to someone else – especially when it is not even yours to share! So, respect the fact that they think you are trustworthy and keep their secret.

4. Gossip
Be it your school, college or your work place, rumors do rounds everywhere! But the thing about rumors is that they are precisely that – rumors. If you hear something nasty about someone, passing it around to someone could really hurt the person it is about. So, it is better to keep it to yourself. After all, you do not want to earn the tag of Gossip Girl – who was hated by all for spreading vicious rumors – do you?

5. Family trouble
While it is okay to share your problems to relieve yourself of stress, it is also important to make sure that you only share what happens at home with your closest friend. Telling everyone will certainly not help and neither will it reduce the problem. It is better to keep things that take place at home for yourself.
6. House address
Unless it is necessary to provide it, never give out your house address to anyone – especially to strangers and/or online. If anyone has your house address, they can very easily track you down and it is not safe.

Author: Vandana Lohia

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