Love Chemistry This Week (08th August 2016 to 14th August, 2016)

Love Horoscope
A major change this week is witnessing your love life is movement of Jupiter from Leo to Virgo on 11th of August. But Rahu, Venus and Mercury will remain in Leo. Moon, your emotional psyche will travel from Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio to Sagittarius, showing different dimensions of the same person you. Mars and retrograde Saturn are lying in Scorpio. When you look at your intimate life this week, you will be amazed to realize fluctuating emotional desire. Saturn is aspecting on Capricorn, Taurus and Leo while Mars on Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini. Influence of Massive and expansive Jupiter’s change of sign will be remarkably witnessed by many. Check to see if you and your mate are in good bonding:

Both gurus are in your 5th house, the guru of demons and Guru of gods, so it is a time of humble approach. You will exhibit plenty of boldness and proactive smartness to your mate, but the root cause of tension would not be wiped out. Your sign lord Mars will bring your obsessive and confrontational side to the surface. If you are feeling less patient and more desperate with your love, keep it in mind. The best way to make the most of this energy is to work with your mate in full harmony towards a mutual goal. After all, your love partner is not your enemy.

Your sign lord Venus and your fifth lord Mercury are transiting from your fourth house along with Rahu and Jupiter. You might feel incredible emotions these days. You and your partner might notice that you are you are having more enjoyable time together. Owing to the addition of Mars energy by seventh aspect, you might even feel as if you are having a new affair with your love. If you both are honest and sincere to each other, spirituality between the two of you will also be increased as Jupiter from Virgo and Saturn will aspect your sign. You will feel delightful soul connection.

Your sign lord Mercury and your fifth lord Venus are transiting though your 3rd house, the house of courage. Moreover, energetic Mars aspects your sign. Plenty of cherished love potential is possible this week. Even if you are single, you will have wonderful prospects to meet someone and fall in love during this time. Idea of scheduling a first date this week will open the door of possibilities. If you are already in a relationship, Mars can instigate any quarrels also but your sense of proportion will safeguard you and your love from serious arguments. You both will feel that family obligation is draining out romance out of your lives, as Mercury is fourth lord also.

Sun is shining in your sign and your sign lord Moon is a moving planet. The combination of two luminaries will make you serious, brave and responsible in love matters. It can go up to outstanding support to commitment and marriage. If you are considering whether you and your long-term love mate should go for next logical level, then you are on right direction. If you are single, this is a right time when a serious promise may be coming your way this week. You should be prepared to explain what you most want from relationship. If you cross the limit of decency this week you may be insulted or adequately offended as Saturn and Mars are present in your fifth house.

This week might lead to a crucial turning point for you in matters of the heart as Jupiter is leaving your sign in mid week. Sun, your sign lord being in 12th from your sign, will illuminate any weakness you have when it comes to yielding to intimacy. Owing to the association of Mercury, Venus and Rahu, you will be able to break the barrier of experiencing the emotional desire your partner has to offer. If you are single, you will come in contact with a person, you may not feel mutual attraction in the beginning, but if you are patient and determined, it is likely to grow.

Moon is lying in your sign in the beginning of the week and your sign lord Mercury is associated with planet of love, Venus in twelfth house. Jupiter is arriving to your sign on 11th August. You will have no scarcity of occasion to live life and love to the fullest. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde, so every move is required to be examined deep, chances of getting painful wound is also there. However, with your aware attempt, you will be able to heal yourself. Mars is also there in your romance sector, you can expect to experience an intimate pleasure in love life.

Your sign lord Venus is transiting from your 11th house. You will enjoy the blessings of the planet of love, attraction and synchronization filling you with goodness this week. Your increased confidence and attraction will give you magical results. Ketu is present in your 5th house and its lord Saturn is retrograde in second house, so your enthusiasm and creativity may take a little spiritual turn. You can make your relationship official and would not be interested in hiding anything from your partner or from the family. If you are single and looking for love, it will be easier than ever to find it because your vibes will make others irresistible.

Your sign lord Mars is present in your sign along with Saturn. Sade-sati is at its peak for your sign, but nothing serious to worry. Your fifth lord Jupiter is moving from your 10th house to 11th house, you will become more delightful and gracious and your partner will be more receptive to you. Energy of Mars will benefit you. Saturn may create a testing time, so if you are not dishonest and not hiding anything from your partner, you can expect a gorgeous week of joy and bliss between you and your partner. In the beginning and end of the week, there will be the exchange of full depth of emotion between the two of you.

Your sign lord Jupiter is aspecting your house till 11th of this month and your fifth lord Mars is transiting through your 12th house. You might have to sort out some misunderstandings in private regarding your relationship issue. Perhaps you might fail to recognize and appreciate the quantum of feelings you have for your mate who can’t reciprocate the way you want. Somehow you should manage to enjoy as this person might be otherwise committed but not be so expressive and vocal. There is no need to take it personally. Mars might make you more verbal, so make your feeling deep and try to convince your partner that love in not only in your head but also in your heart.

Your sign lord Saturn is posited in 11th house along with Mars. Your fifth lord Venus is in your 8th house conjunct with 6th and 9th lord Mercury. You may be fully involved in your social settings. You might come across someone special in a meeting or in an organization and develop feelings for her or him. The same can happen in a party or other social gathering. Keep your eye open as this person might be different from your normal thinking and also be older than you. If you are in a committed relationship, you and your partner may likely to share same spiritual connection, only to strengthen the bonding, as Jupiter aspects your sign from Virgo.

Ketu is present in your sign and your sign lord Saturn is transiting in your 10th house. Saturn is more concerned in fulfilling your destiny than having a good time, even though he's posited in your house of profession. The only message is to take your love life and your creative potential more seriously. Become the person you are meant to be. Your fifth lord Mercury is conjunct with Venus, so there is every possibility that something intense is going on between you and your sweetheart. You will be serious about your romantic matters. If single, take a pause and go ahead only if you want to stick to your commitment with each other.

Your sign lord Jupiter is moving from Leo to Virgo, your seventh house. Your fifth lord is Moon and the love planet, Venus, is transiting through your 6th house. If you think that your partner is trying to control your activities, this will become a problem. He or she might also try to control your affinity with your family members. Initially, you will feel this will disturb your social life and plans for near and dear. Give a try to think differently; otherwise it will be frustrating to your romantic life. Don’t talk to anyone except your love during this time as miscommunication is possible. Love planet Venus is also tenth lord, you may develop a soft corner for someone connected to your career.

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