Narsingh Yadav Failed Dope Test And So Has Inderjeet Singh

A gold medalist Commonwealth winner Indian wrestler, Narsingh Yadav failed the dope test just one day back. It’s actually a heartbreaking news to his fans and a big disappointment to India. He recently qualified to compete in the upcoming Rio Olympics in the 74 kg freestyle category, but the positive results have put his participation at risk.
Now it’s Inderjeet as well
What came as a bigger surprise was, when Inderjeet Singh, Rio Olympics-Bound shotputter also failed the dope test and was found positive for androsterone and etiocholanolone.
What the NADA has to say
NADA, India’s anti-doping agency later confirmed that “Narsingh was tested positive for a banned steroid,” NADA’s Director General Navin Agarwal told all the news agencies. “His B sample was also found to be positive. Narsingh was personally present when his B sample was opened,” added their NADA chief.
In the case of Inderjeet, NADA has asked the athlete if he wants to test his ‘B’ sample. The test has to be done in the next 7 days and if found positive, he’ll sadly have to miss the Rio Olympics. The ‘B’ sample test will be done today in New Delhi.
The case for Narsingh is a bit more complicated
He had given blood samples for testing on July 5 before he left for Spain to take part in an invitation tournament. But unfortunately, it came out positive and in his defense, he claimed that it is a conspiracy against him. “I have never taken any banned substance. I know Indian Olympic Association will support me,” he said.
One of his fans tweeted “Narsingh Yadav being tested positive is so heartbreaking. Imagine the hard work that goes into qualifying for Rio. Just imagine his pain.” Well, at some point this is true because he really worked hard as it’s not all easy to be selected in the Olympics.
Too much to lose here
“With the stakes so high, I doubt if Narsingh would have done something as stupid as using a banned substance,” said by a coach. “One has to look at his history as well. He has been a clean wrestler in his 10-year international career. And the tournament in Spain is insignificant as far as performance is concerned. So why would he dope? This creates a lot of doubt.” Well, exactly, but god knows what happened? It is still a mystery to us.
At the moment, the athlete’s participation in Rio Olympics is  hanging on the final judgement by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). The wrestler’s suspension order will be eliminated if he is able to prove that this is a work of some rival. The disciplinary panel hearing in the case will be tomorrow.
Judgment Day
By tomorrow we will all get a fair idea about our two strong athletes Narsingh and Inderjeet and their participation in Rio Olympics. Can India really afford to lose such strong contestants at the last minute?
All we hope is for them to get cleared off from all the allegations and we wish that they participate in Rio Olympics and make India proud.
Author: Palak Bhardwaj

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