Snipers, Commandos And Anti Aircraft Guns Will Keep Modi Company During His 15th August Speech

A multi-layer security blanket has been thrown around the Red Fort, from where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation, and adjoining areas ahead of the Independence Day.

PM Modi
More than 8,000 security personnel, including 5,000 men from Delhi Police, have been tasked with ensuring foolproof security arrangement at the venue where a large number of foreign dignitaries and general public will be present on the occasion, a senior police official said.
A special team of NSG snipers and commandos will form the inner layers of the security cordon. Anti-aircraft guns have been deployed to thwart any aerial intrusion by objects like drones and projectiles, they said.
Also, police are surveying the areas in the vicinity of the Red Fort and have collected details of over 9,000 people residing there. The buildings facing the Red Fort will be secured by police and paramilitary personnel.
PM Modi
Panoramic photography will be used to ensure a close watch on 605 balconies and 104 windows that open towards Red Fort. Security agencies have also marked out over 3,000 trees in the area, said the officials.
Army and NSG officials will run a special communication and command centre to keep a close watch on the proceedings of the day at Red Fort. Metro stations nearby will be closed till the Prime Minister will be at the venue, whose security is the task of the Special Protection Group and the Defence Ministry, officials said.
Special measures will be taken to meet "on-the-spot situations" such as the Prime Minister choosing to meet people at the venue as he previously did twice, they said.
PM Modi
Security along the route to be taken by the Prime Minister's cavalcade from 7 RCR to Red Fort will be monitored with the help of hundreds of CCTV cameras.
Besides, 200 CCTVs and two high-mast, high-resolution cameras, managed by three control rooms, will keep under observation the Red Fort premises.
Special spotters of Delhi Police and paramilitary will keep an eye on parking areas. Over 60 sniffer dogs of paramilitary forces and Delhi Police will also be part of the extensive security arrangement.
PM Modi
Delhi Police has already prohibited aerial activities including paragliding, flying UAVs and hot air balloons till October 10.
Preliminary security arrangements were made in July and senior police and intelligence officials have been regularly updating them to weed out any shortcomings and glitches.

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