This Husband's *Beautiful* Surprise For His Wife Made Us Cry!

After marriage, a couple stays together, but do they really have enough time for each other? From neverending work to being surrounded by the whole family, a couple all too often doesn’t get enough time for each other. This video by British Airways, tells the story of a real life couple, Sumeet and Chetna, who have been married for a long time now. Living with the whole family, they didn’t really get to spend time with each other - even for movie outings, they would be accompanied by relatives. So, Sumeet decided to give his life partner a surprise, and what he did for her left us teary-eyed! Not just us, his beautiful surprise made his wife cry too, since he made one of her dreams come true. To know what he did for her, watch this video…

This video is just so… “Aww”! <3

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