This British entrepreneur has invented a product that repairs water-damaged phones

Oliver Murphy is 22 years old. From a very young age, he used to fix phones to make some extra cash. He also used to buy broken phones in bulk, and fixed and sold them. Seeing the opportunity and value in this work, Oliver went on to invent an ingenious system to bring phones damaged by water and other liquids back to life.
Image : (L) - The Huffington Post; (R) - Reviveaphone
Image : (L) – The Huffington Post; (R) – Reviveaphone
“When I was 13, I used to repair phones. I’d buy batches of broken ones off eBay, fix them up and sell them. I did that for four years,” Oliver told The Telegraph. Knowing that it is not the liquid that destroys a phone, but the minerals in the liquid that get deposited on the phone’s components, Oliver launched Reviveaphone, a product that helps clean up these deposits.
Starting up with just £400 from his savings, Oliver’s business has today grown manifold. Within a year of the launch of his product, Oliver had expanded his brand overseas, with product launches in Spain, North America, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Japan. He has also launched a new product line, Splash, which provides a water resistant invisible coating for smartphones.
Speaking about the future of Reviveaphone, Oliver told The Huffington Post, "I would love for Reviveaphone to be a household name, so when anyone breaks their phone, the first place they think of going is to our Reviveaphone site. My biggest ambition would be for the brand name to go global and be in as many different countries as possible."

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